We only have one customer - you

We only have one customer - you

We help people make informed decisions

Our affordable, impartial advice helps you better understand your financial situation, the implications of different choices and how to develop a plan to achieve your personal goals.

Our guiding principles

We help people

We’re open and honest in our approach and we’re committed to helping people make the right decisions for their future. We listen, learn and then advise people on how they can live the life they want to lead. Our advisers are fully qualified, authorised and committed to delivering the highest quality of financial guidance and advice.

We’re passionate about what we do

Whether it’s helping someone over the phone, face-to-face or online, we always put the customer first and we bring passion to everything we do. This passion is focused on helping you find your ‘safe place’, making your money work for you and your loved ones. We love our job because every day we go home knowing we have made a difference.

We make advice affordable and accessible for all

We believe financial advice should be available for everyone. That’s why our service is affordable and inclusive.

We believe in simple communication 

The financial industry is known for being
over-complicated and we don’t think it has to be. While the topics we talk about are always serious, often quite complex, our focus is providing information in a way that's easy to understand, enabling you to make
informed choices.

Client Testimonials

WPS recently helped me move to a new pension scheme.
They were great at making everything easy to understand, always quick to respond, and really good natured. After our first interaction, I now speak to WPS regularly as my trusted financial advisors.

Mr A.B.

Making decisions about my retirement had seemed like a daunting task.
Especially once I’d seen the number of choices I had to make. Once I enlisted the support of WPS Advisory that all changed. Their adviser, Nick, laid out all the options in terms I could understand, and helped me make a plan to live the life I wanted after work. I’m so grateful to the team for making sure my money works for me and for safeguarding my future.

Mr J.H.

When a former employer offered paid for advice from WPS Advisory, I decided to take it up and I’m glad I did. The process was entirely positive. WPS helped me make an informed decision about a really important choice. If I hadn’t spoken to them, I could well have done something that I now believe might not have been right for me.

Mr J.A.

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Carol at WPS Advisory. I have been provided with a very professional and efficient service. All communication, both verbal and written has enabled me to understand the options available and reach an informed decision around my pension. Thank you so much for making what I had feared would be a difficult process surprisingly straight forward.

Miss M.B.

A year ago I began helping a sick family member to unravel his old pension to see if it was accessible. In June, the Sponsor confirmed that if we took advice from an IFA they would release the DB pot into a private pension. The pot was worth less than £100k and this, coupled with it being a transfer out of a final salary pension, meant that all of the IFAs (that we approached) refused to help. That is until WPS were pointed out to us. Read more 

Mr A.S.

Meet the team dedicated
to helping you make a plan

Meet the team dedicated to helping you make a plan

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team is committed to changing the financial advice
industry for the better.

Simon Chrystal

Simon Chrystal

Chief Executive Officer

People always refer to me as passionate. Well, they are right. My firm will make a difference to how people are treated when they need help making decisions about their lives. This passion makes sure that everyone in this business is here to help every person we meet achieve the things they want. This passion makes sure we give advice that always reflects  your needs and wants rather than advice focused on selling products.

I could say lots more things about myself (and often do), but in life there are not many opportunities to make a difference. WPS Advisory is our chance. I promise we will not waste it.

James Ellison

James Ellison

Chief Operating Officer

I am passionate about creating an environment where people can access high quality advice, enabling them to make an informed choice. This culture drives what we do and is the reason why I enjoy my job so much.

Outside of work I enjoy a wide range of sports such as bike riding, snowboarding and golf. I also ‘enjoy’ watching very little grow in my allotment.

Maxine McIntyre

Maxine McIntyre

Head of Advice

I have been helping clients fulfil their retirement plans and goals for over 20 years. I am extremely passionate about the quality of advice we deliver. I want our clients to feel empowered to make informed decisions so they can achieve what they want for their family's future. Our clients are at the very core of everything we do.

I live in the North West and love nothing better than training and taking long walks with my dogs.

Richard Brace

Richard Brace

Head of Supervision

I have over 20 years’ experience in business development, relationship management, take to market strategies and supervision.

I have supervisory responsibility for our advisers and manage their capability development.

I live in Wimbledon with my partner, our daughter and our Border Terrier.

Sally Oman

Sally Oman

Financial Controller

Since qualifying as a chartered accountant with KPMG, I've run the finance function for a variety of SMEs. During that time, I was involved in some really interesting projects with mergers, acquisitions and stock market flotations.

I'm married with three grown up children. And, whilst I've been lucky enough to travel overseas with my work, I'm always on the lookout for new places to visit.

Richard Walter

Richard Walter

Head of Standards and Technical

I joined WPSA in May 2015 and was instrumental in setting our advice processes. Now, I'm responsible for our adviser training, including the technical understanding of schemes. In my 30 years in financial services I've specialised in pensions, with roles covering advising, training and technical.

Away from work, I try to average at least 100 miles a week on my bicycle.

Tim Harries

Tim Harries

Head of Risk, Governance and Compliance

My team and I make sure we keep our promises to our clients and the regulator. After many years in pensions helping well known firms to develop their services (I'm older than I look), I joined WPS Advisory in 2017.

Before my life in financial services, I was a probation officer working with offenders in the community and prisons. In my spare time, I'm an avid sailor and open water swimmer.

Services we provide

Retirement Advice

Wealth Management

Financial Education

Services we provide

Business Testimonials

We chose WPS Advisory because we felt they had the knowledge, experience and understanding to assist our Plan members through their retirement options.

Gavin Fennell
Pensions Administration Co-ordinator, Total E&P UK Limited

We chose WPS Advisory because we were reassured that they would work in the best interest of our members. They are approachable and the feedback we have had to date is extremely positive.

Caroline Veitch
Pensions Manager - International and Executive, Rolls Royce

We chose WPS Advisory because they clearly evidenced the depth of their knowledge and experience and were very passionate about using this in a manner to engage with members/clients/individuals at a level that they could understand.

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